Join-T Marble Collection


/ àr o /

àr o design studio

/àr o/ studio, founded by the architects Andrea Steidl and Raquel Pacchini, design for TAKT SENSITIVE MARBLE a precious wall cladding conceived and created within a wider project: a full pattern collection signed by /ar o/ studio for TAKT called “Join-T Marble Collection”.

The collection will be formed by four modules of different sizes (30×10 – 30×30 – 30×60 – 30×120 cm) with four different surface effects (smooth, lines, thin lines and frange) on marble allowing to customize claddings in absolute freedom using “joints”, circular elements created in precious onyxes, marbles, woods and metals.

Technical data



rosa estremoz marble – invisible grey marble

  • 30×10 cm
  • 30×30 cm
  • 30×60 cm
  • 30×120 cm

3D finishes:

  • smooth
  • thin-lines
  • lines
  • frange


Irish green marble