Quality and customization are the characteristics driving us all the way, in its design and operational phases: from the selection and processing of materials, installation and shipping, up to a full-service project management. A fine-tuned process allowing each working phase to harmoniously reconciled with the others and with the needs of all actors in the field.
  • Surveys and Inspections
  • Custom-made flooring and cladding design, unique to each project, with 2d and 3D render presentation .
  • Assistance in choosing the best materials and selection of slabs directly at our suppliers. We will only introduce natural stones of the highest rate passing the strictest quality controls.
  • Providing working drawings and accurate cutting lists for each part of the design.
  • Careful processing by type: each stone is worked and cut
    with specific and appropriate technologies, with latest-generation machinery to ensure an accurate actualization and customization of any project.
  • Realization of valuable artifacts.
  • Dry laying of the work.
  • Installation and re-polishing, available worldwide through a network of authorized operators.
  • Packing with fumigated wooden crates, double when transport by sea.
    We draw on a solid logistics organization to ensure optimized routes for deliveries granting customer with accuracy and punctuality.
  • Guarantees, drawings and material certifications available.
  • TaKt after-sales service.