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About Us


TAKT SENSITIVE MARBLE is a young, fresh and unconventional company. Its identity concentrates on the concept expressed by its name: touch. A sort of dualism between natural stone and man-made work.

The company is based on the border with Valpolicella, in Volargne di Dolcè, in the heart of the marble district which has long been synonymous with excellence in the extraction and processing of one of the finest materials for interior and exterior furnishings: natural stone. Building on its local expertise, but with a strong international outlook, TAKT operates throughout the world in the luxury residential sector, retail, taylor-made furniture and accessories and contract, as the unique point of contact for customers, contractors, interior designers and architects, accompanying them step by step in all the necessary planning phases: from the choice of raw materials, to the procurement of the same, from relief to design, from production to installation, from polishing to after-sales maintenance.


TAKT believes in balance, in dialogue,
in the contamination where there is always something to learn



Over the years, TAKT has developed synergies and collaborations in order to guarantee the best advice possible, in terms of both the selection of materials and their employment as part of a project. Selection and procurement decisions do not regard just marble but, also, onyx, granite, limestone, travertine, slate and semi-precious materials. The criteria that we follow to pick a stone undoubtedly take account of aesthetic aspects (colour, physical and geological characteristics) always paying due attention to suitability for intended use and the client’s budget requirements.

TAKT’s objective is to offer integrated turn-key-services truly tailor-made solutions because each project is unique, designed and created ad hoc to satisfy every single and exclusive requirement. The starting point is a precious and unmistakable material that TAKT knows how to choose and handle by constantly interfacing with architects and designers, to whom renderings, shop-drawings and cutting-lists are provided, to help them achieve maximum aesthetic performance and perfect contextualization of the produced within the classic or modern project that is. As for the actual production phase, delicate processes such as the transformation and processing of raw materials are entrusted exclusively to the skill and expert hands of local specialized craftsman to obtain the best quality standards possible Evolution is the key word for TAKT.

Adapting, transforming, improving, without ever losing its mission which is approach the market in an innovative, up-to-date and aware manner with the aim of becoming a reference point for choosing marble pursuing excellence both in terms of product and service.