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Who we are

Who we are

Verona, town that has given origin to the greatest world pole for the workmanship of natural stone, it’s the place where the history of Takt begins. A firm ‘all Made In Italy’ based on high quality and top service.

The vision of Takt is to look at the future treasuring the experience of the past.

Entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity and passion the characterizing elements of Takt and an important family and personal history that crosses whole Italy with over 100 years of experience that touches the entire country.

Using a capillary net of suppliers and artisans, Takt deals directly with the selection, fabrication and installation of the best natural stones  (marbles, onyxes, granites, limestones, travertines, slates, semi-precious stones).

The procurement and the accurate selection of materials happens directly from the quarries or in the best show rooms,  following the needs of each project.

Transformation of slabs is carried out by expert craftsmen under the careful supervision of Takt’s technicians.

Once fabricated all material is laid on the warehouse floor (dry-lay) to allow clients to inspect all material, only after having passed an accurate qualitative control, the tiles are packed in wooden crates and ready to deliver.

The firm, proposes itself as unique partner for private clients, contractors, architects and designers, following them side by side in every phase of realization of the project, from the ideation to the installation and re-polishing, with a taylor-made approach of the job.
The deep knowledge of natural stone allows to reconcile to the best the demands of the project and the characteristics of the spaces with the materials properties translating into an amazing result of quality that creates emotions.

The realizations embrace every type of style: classical, decò, modern or contemporary, Takt manages to exalt the material and its aesthetic peculiarities.
Takt is present and known on the principal markets: United kingdom, USA, France, Russia, Singapore, Bahrein, UAE and, obviously Italy.